Michal Zabek

Michal Zabek

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First Name * Michal
Last Name * Zabek
Username * ziomalbanan
Country * Poland
City Wroclaw
Nationality Poland
Languages Polishenglish


Current Position Animator
Areas of Expertise Motion Picture or VideoanimationRigging
Preferred Tools maxscript basic lvlsoftware - 3dsmaxmaya (only animation)corelphotoshop


Availability: Freelance
Website zabekanimator.blogspot.com
Skype zio_mal_banan
Phone number 48661588090


  • myself all the time


I'm Character animator and rigger. I work on 3dsmax sinse 1999 using this software - sinse 2004 in professional work) and Maya (using sinse 2011).
Also I can animate on any software, it's only tools.

Animation is my priority passion.

I don't know words as "I can't do that" or "It's impossible to do that". I sit down and I do it.
That is animation, You can do everything, if not You can't say that You are animator.

I don't want say how I am good. It's only words. If you give me a chance I show you how am I good and what I can do.
This is the only way.

The value of human witness his deeds not words!